Windows Cleaning Services in London

Most cleaning companies do not offer professional window cleaning; the cost of equipment coupled with safety concerns often drive up the price and can make window cleaning either unaffordable for most clients or else not cost-effective for professionals. Cleaners 4 London has a solution that is simple and safe, making professional window cleaning more affordable than ever before.

Advanced Reach and Wash system

For your convenience, Cleaners 4 London has invested in an advanced Reach and Wash system that allows us to properly clean the exteriors of windows, sashes, and windowsills by using a unique water-fed pole system. This method protects your privacy and is safe and effective, leaving your windows crystal clear and spotless for only a fraction of what it would cost to hire other window cleaning companies to do the same job.

Our unique window cleaning process is suitable for all residential and commercial buildings, and our Reach and Wash equipment has the reach and surface capacity to tackle any window cleaning job anywhere in London. Our London window cleaners are also highly trained in customer service, all aspects of window cleaning, and all safety requirements. In addition, the are all insured, giving you the highest quality service available and peace of mind.

You can see the cost of every cleaning service we offer in Greater London by visiting our pricing page.

If you would like a personal quote on the cost of cleaning your windows or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, call us and one of our friendly, highly trained office staff will be glad to help you. You can also request quotes and appointments from our service request page.

In addition, we can create an on-going cleaning schedule that fits your budget and needs without the hassle of having to remember to schedule each window cleaning appointment. Nothing could be easier and more affordable!